More Nice Days

Today is our oldest grandson's 24th birthday, happy birthday Kev.

Wow, the weather continues to be wonderful, hopefully it will stay like this for a while yet

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day, I did the laundry and John did the cleaning, I think I got the better deal there! Mid afternoon we went into Charlottetowm, only about a 15 minute drive, as there were a couple of things John wanted at Staples. We stopped at Sobey's and picked up a few groceries, found out Sobey's on the east coast doesn't have Club Sobey's, go figure.

Today we did part of the North Cape Coastal Drive, there were some pretty spots but on the whole it was disappointing as we didn't see a lot of the coast. Actually, the western side of the island was more scenic, but we can now say that we have been to the northern most spot on Prince Edward Island. We stopped for lunch at Northport, the restaurant was right on the water with a nice view. We looked out at Cascumpec Lighthouse that is only accessible by boat, the lighthouse stands 49' high and was moved around the 1900's to its current location across the ice by 16 teams of horses.

Cascumpec Lighthouse & Marina

Northport Marina

We saw the North Cape Lighthouse at the most northerly tip of the island, there is also a wind farm there but, so far, it is nowhere as large as the wind farms in Ontario. We drove through Cavendish on the way home, what a tourist venue, we are really glad we aren't staying there!

North Cape Lighthouse, Windfarm etc.

On the way home we came to a T-intersection and this was the view.

After having a large lunch dinner was a cheese quesidilla, very good and just filled the void.

Now I will see if I can get on the internet with the laptop, I can post my blog on the iPad but can't upload pictures on it, so will have to try to do it with the laptop. The laptop is an Acer, Windows run & I sure DO NOT like using Windows, it is so cludgey compared to the Mac!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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