Friday - June 6, 2008

Wow, where does the time go, I was going to try to post once a week or so and here it is a month later!!

We have been really busy since we got back what with trying to get settled into our new place; although it was in perfect shape there are always things to do to make it "ours" and there has been a ton of yard work to do. Our lot here is low just where we park so the second day here we almost got stuck trying to get out. We have had to park down the road and have been waiting for it to dry up so John could get it built up, we have had so much rain since we got back that it has been hard to do but we think we are finally there.

Mike, the previous owner had planted all kinds of grass seed last year and it looked great in the fall but died over the winter so we had to start over. John decided to try sodding a lot of it and so far it looks good so here's hoping, he also put down some seed and that also seems to be coming along nicely.

Here are some pictures of our "cottage':

The Living Room

Looking to the Back from the Living Room

And the Outside

Our Miniature Lilacs

Our Neighbours

View of Lake Huron from the End of our Road

Kincardine Marina

The lighthouse is undergoing a face lift but every night, except Saturdays, during July and August a piper plays the bag pipes from the top of the light house at dusk - a great way to end the day. Every Saturday night there is a parade down the main street, hence no piper at the light house as they are in the parade.

Our Trailer In Storage

We have a LG fridge in the Airstream which runs off electricity only but with our solar panels it is still on and I am using it for an extra freezer, sure is handy!

We have been back to Kitchener/Waterloo once a week for appointments but our last one is June 19th, then after that we will only go down once about every 10 days as it is costing us a fortune in fuel to make the return trip.

Today is absolutely gorgeous and we are fortunate to have a really nice lot with lots of breeze so it is very comfortable here, quite a difference from our other lot in the park which got no breeze whatsoever!

We are going to our daughter's in Bolton on Sunday, staying overnight then to K/W on Monday for appointments. We have something on every day for the next two weeks so we are certainly not bored!! Next Thursday we have tickets for the RCMP Musical Ride so I will try to get some pictures to post.

After a beautiful day the day ended with ANOTHER thunder storm and rain starting about 8:30 p.m., guess we should be thankful it was such a nice day. Tomorrow is the parks annual garage sale so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a nice morning as we have some stuff we want to try to sell but we have no intention of doing it in the rain!

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Sandra said...

Great to hear from you again!

I like your new home very much. I know what you mean about busy. Retirement is far too busy!