Sunday -June 15, 2008

Again, I don't know where the time goes but it does seem to fly by. We are pretty well finished with things we wanted to do to the "cottage" and the yard is finally looking better thanks to all John's hard work. This past week he cleaned out all the eaves troughs, washed the cottage and shed and cleaned all the windows so we are sparkling clean!

On Thursday the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) brought their Musical Ride to Kincardine so we got tickets for the 11 a.m. show and it was great, it is amazing the precision drills they do with the horses. After the show the riders spread out around the field and talked to people and one of the riders was saying it takes 3 years to train a horse and they start training them at about three years so they would be about 6 when they start in the show and the oldest horse there was 19 years old. Here are a few pictures:

I had a real problem with my hip most of the week but Friday's acupuncture treatment really helped and I am able to move again, I even managed to do some shopping after my treatment on Friday and finally bought a patio set for the deck. I bought it at Tim-BR Mart and they delivered it for $5 - great deal. Our new Lazy Boy chairs were also delivered on Friday and boy are they comfortable.

Yesterday we went to Beeton to visit friends, this is where we lived for 10 years and where our son Mike spent his early years and he still goes back a couple of times a year to visit friends so yesterday he was there visiting one of the sons of the couple we were visiting so the guys had a father/son golf game, they had a great afternoon with warm, sunny weather and because today was Father's Day the sons treated the Dad's to the game. It was about 7:30 when they got home so we had a delicious barbecue - steak, baked potatoes, cesear salad, asparagus and garlic bread then Mike and Rick headed into town for a do at the arena and Julee, Terry, John and I settled into a game of euchre and for once we women cleaned the guys clocks - sure was fun - at least for Julee and I!

Today we went into the Muddy Water Hotel for wings and ran into a few people we knew, it's always fun to see old friends. On the way out of town we saw another couple we know sitting on their front porch so stopped and had a nice visit with them for a bit. We ran in and out of torrential rain on the way home and at one point it was even hailing, sure has been funny weather this spring!

We have another busy week coming up with something on every day and on Thursday we are going to Kitchener for dentist appointments then for a family barbecue at the retirement home where my mom lives. This is the end of our appointments in K/W but will go down about every 10 days to see my mom, I would like to go once a week but with the price of fuel we will cut back a bit as it is getting expensive going back and forth.

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