Monday - November 17, 2008

Today was another nice day weather wise with a high of about 15C (60F) but last night the low was -4C (26F) – not nice! John disconnected the hose last night but as he said it is hard to blow out 50’ of hose so this morning the hose was frozen, fortunately by the time we were ready to leave it was thawed out.

This morning we went to Wal Mart to stock up as I have no idea when we will see another Wal Mart so it was almost noon before we left Grand Junction.

The drive today from Grand Junction CO to Moab UT was pretty boring – good highway and not a lot of traffic and other than some mountains the scenery wasn’t great, BUT coming into Moab that all changed and the scenery changed to pretty impressive – can’t wait to explore.

Scenery on Today's Drive

An Interesting Rock Formation

After we got set up we went into town to the state liquor store as we had no wine left, then went to the grocery store – could have done my shopping here after all as the local grocery store is a Kroger’s, which I like, and the prices aren’t much more than Wal Mart was. We did pick up a couple of things on sale so we are pretty well stocked up now.

We are now at the Spanish Trail RV Park and will be here for a week. It is supposed to have wi-fi but I am not able to get it here so hope I don’t have to go to the office for the next week to get on line – that would be a real grrrrr!!

And This Is the View from Our Living Room Window

And so ends a great gift of a day, please do come back to see what Arches National Park and Canyonlands are like – from the little we have seen we know it will be an interesting week.

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