Tuesday - November 18,2008

Today was another beautiful day with a high of about 68F (19C) and last night the low was 35F (2C), nothing to complain about.

This morning I figured out I can get on the internet in the bedroom, I don’t really want to have to sit in there for long but at least we can get it from there. This morning was laundry morning, I went over to the Laundromat (which was sparkling clean!) and got the laundry done and used the internet while there to check the e-mail, post yesterday’s blog, get caught up on the blogs I read and the news. Then I came home and did a real good cleaning. John sorted out the truck this morning and got it all re-organized – how can it get so unorganized in a week????

After 6 days on the road we weren’t really ready for another full day in the truck so this afternoon we did a short (about 2 hours), scenic tour along the Colorado River – what a beautiful drive with wonderful scenery, we sure do like this part of the world! The rock formations are fascinating and I think “you haven’t seen nothing yet!” probably would be very true.

Today's Tour:

On the way back we stopped at the Moab Visitor’s Centre as I wanted to ask about a drive we are thinking of doing tomorrow. They had some neat T-shirts there so John and I each got one and I also picked up a few postcards.

It is now time to think about getting dinner ready and I will try to get this posted tonight along with some pictures, then we will spend a quiet evening reading or watching TV.

And so ends a great gift of a day and we are looking forward to tomorrow and a day of beautiful sights, do join us again to see what the day unfolded.

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