Monday, March 16, 2009

I haven’t done a posting in a few days as there is nothing exciting to write about and I hate writing about nothing.

The weather continues to be beautiful and the forecast for this week is for sun and highs in the low 90’s, a little too hot for me but I will survive. So far we haven’t had to put on the air conditioning so that is good.

Saturday was the Yuma air show and our neighbours went and said it was a looooong hot day so we are glad we didn’t go. We saw a few fly overs here but basically I guess it all took place to the north of the field. We figured all the roads around here would be a zoo with cars parked along the side and lots of traffic so we were quite content to stay home and veg. I baked some cookies, talked to my sister and enjoyed a swim – a real exciting day but still a nice one.

Sunday we talked to Kel and were glad to hear they enjoyed their trip to Ottawa and tour of the University of Ottawa, they were very impressed with the university and Kel said it is much smaller than Waterloo, where she went; she said you can walk from one end of the campus to another in 12 minutes. There are two different types of student housing so that is the next choice for Derrick – deciding which one he wants to stay in and then applying for it.

Our niece is going to Carleton University in the fall, which is also in Ottawa, so she and my sister left yesterday for their tour of Carleton, hope they will be as happy with Serita’s choice as Kel & family are with Derrick’s.

Saturday night our barbecue propane tank was dry when John turned it on to cook dinner so todays chore was to get that tank refilled so John headed out this morning to do that. He also stopped at Wal Mart and picked up some Irish beer as we have been invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party tomorrow.

This afternoon I went out for a much needed pedicure and to pick up some groceries. When I got back I was really hot so headed off to the pool to cool off and it worked, I felt so refreshed when I got back.

Tonight we had a real Canadian dinner – chicken on a kaiser with Swiss Chalet Sauce and home made french fries cooked in the oven – must say it was real yummy. We really miss our Swiss Chalet fix so this dinner made us real happy.

As always, the last few days have been great gifts here in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.


Kelly said...

YOU baked cookies??! I am wondering what kind of cookie mix you used?!

Anonymous said...

Please tell more about this Swiss chalet chicken dish!

Jacky in Maine