Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today was another nice day weather wise but it looks like it might be the last one for a couple of days as there is rain in the forecast, oh well, we take what we get!

This morning we didn’t do a lot then this afternoon Ginny, Gil, John and I went to Erath, which is a town about 10 miles east of Abbeville, for their Cajun jam session. We thought a few people from here were going but when we got there just John & Terry were there so we sat with them.

It was an interesting place, the bar was in the front and the stage was at the back with tables between the bar and stage. At a jam session people just get up and take turns playing and when arrived there were a couple of fellows and a gal playing guitar, a fellow playing the fiddle and always someone playing a Cajun accordion (which is a special type of accordion) and someone on the drums.

The People on Stage When We Got There

John, Gil, John, Terry & Ginny

Ginny Enjoying a Dance With One of the Locals

At one point we noticed that a gal that had been wandering around was now on the drums and later Ginny & I talked her while waiting to go to the washroom and she said the one man on guitar (who was on stage all the time) was her father and she has just started playing the drums so she thought it was neat to be on stage with her dad.

There is a museum of Acadian music next to the bar and during the afternoon they had a little ceremony and inducted Larry Miller into their music hall of fame for his contribution to Cajun culture and music and one of the things he is renowned for is making the Cajun accordion. After the ceremony he played for a bit and man was he good.

Presenting Larry Miller with his Award

Even Ginny Joined In

The people around us were very friendly so it was a fun afternoon and the best part was at the end they served a free dinner, yes free, and there wasn’t even any place to leave a donation or tip – go figure!! The dinner was beef and potatoes in gravy on rice with peas and peaches for desert, pretty good for the price.

A Picture of the Bar & Museum

On the way home we had to stop at the grocery store as I had said I would make cesar salad for Sunday’s pot luck dinner and I needed romaine and it took us three stops to find some (Wal Mart had it but it was all limp and yucky). I was starting to think I wouldn’t even be able to find any at all.

When we got back Ginny brought her computer down as John had said he would be glad to partition it for her so she can use Microsoft as well as Mac. John also downloaded a copy of Streets & Trips on the Windows side for her so she was happy and now she can have fun with the Streets & Trips.

As always, today was another great gift of a day in the sunny, but windy, south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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