Sunday, May 3, 2009

We have had a fairly busy week, especially Friday & yesterday. After our lovely weather all the way home, we got a real change on Tuesday - COLD & WET!!!

Tuesday, we started at Tim Horton’s for a chili lunch then we went to the cemetery in Sarnia and arranged for a marker for my parents grave and fortunately by then the rain had stopped although it was still cold. We then went and visited with John’s brother for the afternoon. I had hoped to use my computer at his place but he has the internet password protected and neither Doug or his wife’s son could remember the password so I was out of luck to log on. His wife Fran is a teacher so when she came home we visited for a while then went out to a little Italian restaurant for dinner.

Wednesday was a nice sunny day, but still cool, we drove through back country roads to Sombra then back to Sarnia along the St. Clair River – a very pretty drive but we didn’t see a single freighter on the river which was disappointing. When we got back I did laundry so that is out of the way for a while.

Thursday was overcast and cold and the weather forecast called for rain so we went out for breakfast as we had heard the restaurant at Reeses Corner had good meals - the breakfast was very good. We came back and John wanted to get the trailer hooked up before the rain started but of course as soon as he went out the rain started, fortunately it didn’t rain too hard so he didn’t get soaking wet. The rest of the day we spent reading – a nice quiet day. I had put spagetti in the slow cooker in the morning and it was a good day for comfort food.

Friday we woke up to sun but still cool, we arrived in Kincardine about 11:30 and then the fun began – unloading the trailer and getting the cottage organized. We spent the rest of the day moving stuff and getting everything in the cottage going so by the time 10:00 rolled around we were done in.

Saturday morning was more of the getting organized and moving stuff back and forth, then around noon Mike & Margie walked in, they had decided to come back here for the season but didn’t tell us, it was good to see them again. I had told Margie a couple of weeks ago that we were going to the Erie Belle on Saturday night with Alison & Bob for fish and chips and Margie walked in and asked if I thought we were going to go without them!

We had a coffee with them then John went to help Mike park the trailer. Other than helping Mike John spent all day raking the lawn and getting stuff out of the truck into the shed – we are getting there but still haven’t moved anything from the freezer in the trailer to the cottage.

I finally managed to get into town around 4:30 to pick up a few groceries and we were just ready when Alison & Bob picked us up about 6:30 to go into town. The six of us really enjoyed our fish and chips then they all came back to our place for a drink and desert – great fun catching up with everybody’s activities over the winter and it is so nice to see friends again after the winter.

Today is a beautiful sunny day, still a little cool but a nice breeze blowing, so I got towels washed and out on the line to dry. This morning at 11 the park had their annual Meet & Greet so it was nice to say hi to all our friends and neighbours here again. I think today we will try to take it a bit easier and I may just pick up a good book in a while.

As always, the last week has been a great gift here in the cool north and we look forward to another good week ahead.

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Sandra said...

Hey! What are you folks up to? Haven't heard from you in ages!