Monday, July 6, 2009

I had a comment from Sandra today wondering what we are up to and thought maybe I should do a little update.

We have been enjoying (hah, hah) terrible weather since returning home - below normal temperatures with lots of cloudy skies, rain and very little sunshine. I feel sorry for the majority of Canadians who spent the winter here, which was very cold and snowy, and now they aren't having much of a summer either. We seem to get a couple of nice days then it turns cold and wet, I think I have had shorts on twice so far!!

In May I went and had my annual check up and mammogram and everything was fine so I could breath easy again, that time of year is always so stressful but every year being cancer free is a blessing!

A couple of weeks ago our friends Janet & Dave, who live on Vancouver Island, spent a couple of days here in the park on their way east so we had a good visit with them and Gil & Ginny also arrived here for a couple of days so it was a busy, but fun time. Fortunately, we had one nice day, the day Janet & Dave arrived, and we were able to sit on the deck enjoying the nice weather. Two days later we went to Bayfield with Ginny & Gil and had on long pants and jackets, that seems to be the norm for this summer.

This morning we spent two hours at the hospital in emergency as John had an ear ache so thought he should have it looked at, turns out he has an infection, which they say mainly affects children (I told him he should have said he was in his second childhood - lol!), so he is on antibiotics which hopefully will clear it up quickly. He came home and slept most of the afternoon so that was probably good for him.

We have been to Kitchener three times since we got back which seems funny after so many years of going every week to visit my mom. Our fuel bills certainly have been cheaper this year without all those trips! Every couple of weeks we either go south to Goderich or north to Port Elgin to visit Wally World and get caught up on a bit of shopping, also a good way to put in a cold, dreary day!!

We are planning on leaving here in mid September and heading out west and visiting Mount Rushmore etc. then Yellowstone Park. We will then go to B.C. for about 5 weeks, we want to do the Okanagan Valley, visit friends in Harrison Hot Springs and spend a couple of weeks on Vancouver Island. From there we will work our way south along the Oregon & California Coast and hopefully end up in southern California around Christmas. We have nothing booked this winter, will just wing it so it could be interesting, but hopefully it will be a fun time. I have spent some time planning our trip as far as B.C. so have a bit more to do, but once we start down the Oregon Coast we plan on finding a park and staying for a week, touring the area, then moving south a bit and spending another week, etc. so we will just play that as we go.

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from Rick & Brenda, we met them the last couple of years at Betty's in Abbeville, LA and they spend the summer in Port Elgin where they are park hosts for the municipal park there. Yesterday they were doing a visiting day so it was good to see them again and talk about winter plans. They have spent the last couple of winters work camping in Texas but they are planning on travelling this winter in Arizona so who knows, maybe we will meet up somewhere in Arizona.
This weekend our daughter Nan and husband Carl are coming so we are looking forward to having a nice visit with them. Kel & Tim were here on the May 24 weekend and Kel is hoping to come for a few days sometime this summer but doesn't know when yet. Mike & Franneca still don't have a weekend set to come but again hopefully sometime before we leave in September! We also want to have John's brother and his wife up sometime so having company will keep us out of trouble and give us something different to look forward to.

Next Friday we are going to friends in Elora for the day then on Saturday we are doing a day trip to Lions Head with Mike & Margie - sure hope the weather is nice for a change!

Okay, I've rambled enough and now you can see why I haven't been blogging - nothing worth writing about, but come mid September I will be back on line again, hopefully with interesting things to say and pictures.


Sandra said...

Sounds like your weather hasn't been any better than ours. It was the same in Ottawa and now we're in Northern Ontario and it's still the same. We just came in from photographing sunset in the rain.

Thanks for blogging. Sounds like you're really busy with company. Good to know you're all ok. Hope John recovers quickly from his kiddie earache! LOL

Colin, Margaret and Splash Werner said...

Hi Carolyn: Good to see that everything is going well for you and John. I agree with you on the weather issue.....Colin spends more time going up and down the hill cause of the rain and has had limited time to work on the house and shop. We do have the walls started on the shop but it's been slow going with this weather. check out our Blog for pictures of my new Grandson who arrived yesterday. Emergency C-Section but everything is fine now. Good to hear you have made another year Cancer that is a load off your mind. Take care and keep in touch.