Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We awoke to sunshine this morning, how wonderful! The fall colours here are still nice as seen in this picture.

This morning, as I was drying my hair, we lost the hydro, so John checked all our breakers inside and determined the problem was at the post so off he went to the office to tell them. The fellow from the park came and started checking things and it didn’t look good for our post and of course this is they year we left the extra cable at home as we haven’t ever needed it so decided we wouldn’t bother bringing it along – bad mistake as we didn’t have enough cable to get to the next post over.

Janet & Dave were picking us up so I called and told them our problem and Dave brought over some cable so we got our hydro working and left the guy trying to figure out how to fix the problem.

We went to Cathedral Grove which is an old growth forest, what an amazing place and we enjoyed the walking trail through the woods looking at all the old trees and new growth. The maple leaves there are humungous, I have never seen anything like them and the size of some of the tree trunks is awesome. All of the fallen trees (and a lot of the still standing ones) are covered with moss and then there is new growth growing out of them.

Cathedral Grove
A Maple Leaf

John and I in Front of a Fallen Tree (Just to give an idea of the tree size and the leaf size)

Janet & Dave

More Cathedral Grove

After Cathedral Grove we went to Goats on Roof at Comox for lunch, it is a neat place with sod on the roof and goats.

Yes, There are Actually Goats on the Roof!

A Nice Big Rabbit

We had a nice lunch and wandered around a few shops then headed on to Englishman Falls. We were the only people at the falls and they were beautiful, you had to walk across a bridge to see them and after viewing the falls we enjoyed a bit of a walk around there then headed home through Nanaimo.

Englishman Falls

And the View from the Other Side of the Bridge

The Moss and Growth on Tree Stumps is Amazing

When we got back we stopped at Janet & Dave’s for a bit and booked rooms at Cox Beach Resort in Tofino for next week Monday through Wednesday. Thanks to Steve for putting us on to Expedia.ca to look for good prices when going there.

We got home about 6, dinner is now over and I am now going to download my pictures, if I can stay awake – LOL! I have to do laundry tomorrow so hopefully I can get on the internet at the Laundromat and get this posted.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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