Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today was overcast and cool but the rain held off until late afternoon so we didn’t mind that.

This morning I loaded up the laundry and headed to the park Laundromat and hoped while I was doing the laundry I could get on the internet there. The laundry was really busy so it took me a while to get done, I got two loads in right away but had to wait for another washer to do the 3rd load and then had to wait for dryers. Meanwhile, I was off and on the internet but did manage to get most of my blog posted up to date and was able to finish it when I got back before I totally lost the connection again. I also chatted with a few people while there so it helped pass the time, it’s funny, a few people wanted to talk about my Mac computer and a few asked if we were in the Airstream then said how nice it looked etc. We have certainly had a lot of compliments on our trailer, even the fellow directing traffic going onto the ferry said “nice Airstream” as we went by. The length also seems to get attention, at 34’ it is long!

We went into Parksville this afternoon and John stopped at the Dodge dealer to make an appointment to have it checked out as we seem to have a bit of a transmission fluid leak. Friday morning at 8 a.m. is the appointment, you can sure I won’t be joining him to do that!!
We stopped at a mall that had a Bargain Shop so I stopped there to get some cards. A lady also looking at the cards said she didn’t realize their cards were half price so I said that I knew they were in Ontario so hoped the same was true here. She asked where in Ontario we were from and when I said Waterloo she got all excited as that is where they lived before coming here – small world!

Then it was on to Save-On-Foods where I again went into shock at the prices, it seems the only decently priced groceries in this province are at Super Wal Mart or Supercenter, hopefully we will find either one of those in Victoria to stock up on a few things we can’t get in the states.

On the way home we drove a bit further up the Ocean Highway past the park, then headed home to get dinner ready – it was a tough one to make tonight – leftovers!

John’s Tudors is on tonight so I know what he will be watching and I will pick up a new book.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

As an ex 31'Airstreamer, I think that they are beautiful, and so easy to tow.
I wouldn't want a big ugly 5er pushing me down the road!!

Happy Trails, Penny, TX