Friday, November 13, 2009

Today is the day all kinds of motorcyclists head to Dover, Ontario – this is a ritual for every Friday the 13th and we hear that thousand of them go on that date. A couple of years ago when we were heading through Eastern Ontario we saw hundreds of motorcycles heading west and realized that they were all probably heading for Dover as Friday the 13th was coming up. I understand today is supposed to be a gorgeous day in Ontario so I imagine there will be a real good turnout.

We listened to rain off and on all night but about 9 this morning the sun came out and it has been a gorgeous day.

John had to take the truck back to Mr. Dodge, he left at 12:45 and got home after 4:30 – so much for doing anything today. I guess he waited quite a while before they got around to looking at it but they couldn’t find anything wrong, so after checking it all out, oiling a few things and taking it for a drive he was presented with an invoice for $32.18, I would say that isn’t too bad to give us peace of mind.

I figured I might as well do some laundry while he was gone and did a good cleaning, then just read until he got home. The laundry here takes tokens and I needed two more so after I got the loads in the washer I walked up to the office to get a couple more tokens then went across the street and checked out the restaurant. It was busy so I presume the food is good but it is kind of pricey so doubt we will go there. On the way back I stopped and talked to Denis for a few minutes, he is the fellow with the 25’ 1993 Airstream that he is remodeling inside.

It is again time to think about diner – where do the days go! And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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