Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today was a nice sunny day with a high of about 12C (54F), although it is kind of hard to appreciate the sun at our site here because of the trees!

There was a mass exodus from the park today, you almost needed a number to get in line to go out of the park, so we decided to stay put until after lunch to go into town. We didn’t want to go too far today as we thought the roads would be very busy with all the holidayers returning home.

We went into town and walked the beach for quite a while and took lots of pictures, it was still very hazy so no pictures of a nice sunny beach. The waves were crashing in pretty good out on the horizon, and we could barely see the Tillamook Lighthouse through the haze. We could just barely see a fishing boat, out past where the waves were crashing, and it appeared to be bobbing around pretty good!
Lots of Seagulls in One Area

Looking Into Town from the Beach

Pretty House Overlooking Beach

Effects of the Wind on the Trees

We were reading the other day that Haystack Rock is the main nesting place for puffins, 1000’s of them come to the rock in April and lay their eggs. It takes about 100 days for the eggs to hatch then the puffins return to some place far out at sea where they stay until the next April when the nesting starts all over.
Haystack Rock

There were still lots of people walking the beach but the main street wasn’t as busy today as it was earlier in the week and yesterday, still it was busy enough. We stopped at the little grocery store to get some hamburger buns and that was the extent of our shopping – last of the big time spenders for sure!!

We are looking forward to another nice, quiet evening. I don’t know if there is anything good on TV tonight but if not I have a book that I can start. And so ends another great gift of a day here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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