Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yesterday was a very quiet day with nothing worth writing about so I didn’t bother with my blog. We had a stay at home day which we enjoyed, I did some cleaning and then just vegged for the day.

I woke up during the night to hear the wind howling and it had gotten quite cold, almost down to freezing – I guess the predicted cold front has arrived. Today was very windy and cold, I don’t like this weather but I guess we had better get used to it as it appears that it will be around for a few days! It sounds like there will be bad weather all over the country for the next while so I guess we are just getting our share of it – as long as it doesn’t snow I won’t complain too loudly!

Today we went to Newport to visit the aquarium and on the way we stopped at Cape Foulweather. We had passed the cape the other day but didn’t stop as the parking area was full, today there were very few cars there so it was easy to find a parking spot. We walked out to the lookout but it was too cold to linger. We could hear sea lions but couldn’t see them, the cliffs are straight down so the sea lions must have been right at the bottom out of sight. We were quite surprised with all the wind that the ocean wasn’t wilder but I guess it wasn’t blowing in the right direction to create the huge waves.

The aquarium was very good and we quite enjoyed it, we spent a couple of hours there. The only problem was that we didn’t realize part of it was outside and hadn’t worn our warm coats in as we thought they would be too hot so it was quite cool doing the outdoor displays – needless to say we didn’t spent as much time at them as we might have had we been dressed warmer. Today’s pictures are all from there so hope you won’t be bored with fishy pictures!

On the way home we stopped at Fred Meyer and Wal Mart to pick up a couple of things then stopped for dinner. When we got home it was only 6C (44F) in the trailer so the furnace was put on real fast, fortunately it warms up quickly so we weren’t really uncomfortable for more than a couple of minutes. After about a half hour we were able to turn off the furnace and are keeping cosy and warm with the little electric heater and the Wave propane heater. John is just heading out to disconnect the hose for the night, we could leave the tap dripping a bit but it is probably just as easy to disconnect it.

We are watching a TV program with Christmas music, very nice.

And so ends another great gift of a day here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice, but cold, day tomorrow.

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