Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We have been enjoying gorgeous weather, nice warm sunny days and cool nights but the last couple of nights we haven’t even needed to turn the propane heater on during the evening – sure do like that!

I don’t know what all we have been doing but the days seem to fly by and we certainly aren’t bored! On Monday John had arranged for the Mexicans to wash the trailer and truck – what a great job they did. Then he spent the rest of Monday and yesterday waxing them – boy are we shiny now! He didn’t want to take the truck out until it was waxed so yesterday afternoon we finally got out to do some grocery shopping.

Monday morning when I went for my walk I stopped and had a quick visit with Ben and Diane, a nice couple who we met a couple of years ago who have a beautiful park model home here.

Yesterday I finally got on Skype and chatted with my brother in Australia for about an hour, it has been a long time since we’ve chatted so I enjoyed catching up with him again.

We have been having trouble with the internet since Saturday, it will work great then just cuts out (fortunately it behaved while I was on Skype yesterday) and we have to reset the modem and the airport express – a real pain you know where!! Finally, John got totally fed up with it this morning and got on the chat line with Time Warner and it turns out that it was probably a faulty splitter cable so when he went out on other errands today he stopped and got a new splitter cable and it seems to be working okay now so we have our fingers crossed.

This morning I went to aquafit and really enjoyed it, the lady leading it is really good and was very helpful to me being my first day and everyone was very friendly. This afternoon I went for my walk and ended up walking through a park model that is for sale here, then stopped at Gail and Don’s to invite them down for happy hour (Saturday works for both of us) and then stopped and talked to a couple from Gravenhurst. By the time I got back I thought John would have a search party out looking for me but he just asked who all I had stopped and visited with – guess he knows me well!!

And so ends a few more great gifts of days and we look forward to more wonderful days here in Yuma.

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