Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, have I ever gotten behind in my blog, but on the other hand there isn’t really a lot of interesting things happening to write about.

Monday morning Liz, the aquafit instructor, was away so we did the exercises on our own, it was quite funny with everyone trying to remember what all we did, but we did manage to do them and as usual had some good laughs. Some of the gals were saying that Liz won’t be here until January next year so I suggested we should get her to tape one of the sessions so we have something to work with in the fall.

Monday night we went to Ben and Diane’s and had a wonderful dinner and evening. There were 12 of us so lots of good conversations going on and the meal was scrumptious – cold turkey, salads, veggies and dip as well as some yummy appetizers and mini cream puffs for desert. Everybody made a contribution to the dinner so it made less work for Diane.

Tuesday was cleaning day and Janet & Dave came for dinner so after the cleaning it was getting things ready for dinner. It was quite hot on Tuesday so we cooked a ham and then I made potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs and a tossed salad with cherry pie and ice cream for desert. I don’t think anyone went away hungry! As usual we had a good evening and lots of yakking.

Wednesday morning Glenda, the real estate lady here in the park, called and said she had just gotten a new listing and wanted to know if we would like to look at it. I said, sure, we could meet her at 10:30 to take a look so that John could get in his bike ride first. It meant I would miss aquafit but knowing Liz wouldn’t be there again didn’t make it a big deal. The park model that had been listed was nice but didn’t flick our bicks, so to speak. It was a bottom of the line model but nicely kept and furnished. It was a very weird setup as they had added a “cool room”, not an “Arizona room” and the “cool room” was very small, it had room for a washing machine and a long table that the lady used for quilting and that was it, sort of a useless room. And, they were asking way too much for it as far as we were concerned.

Wednesday afternoon one of our neighbours stopped by for a visit, which we enjoyed, then after she left we went out and mailed a parcel and stopped at Wal Mart, and that was about it for the day.

Thursday was HOT and laundry day. I went over around noon, which usually is a good time and not busy, but this week it was packed, I wonder if a lot of people were doing laundry before heading out. By the time I got home I was drained from the heat so got everything put away and headed for the pool to cool off.

While I was doing the laundry John took the blinds off the back bedroom window and cleaned them all up and cleaned all around the window, then took the fantastic fan apart and cleaned it. He said he would rather have done the laundry than what he did!! Still, he wasn’t interested in a swim to cool off – silly man!

Right after I got back from my swim Glenda called to say that a new single wide manufactured home had arrived and wondered if we would like to see it – why, of course we would. It is a really nice home, but that was the problem, it was more like a home and way too much money for us; always fun to look at them though.

Just for clarification, Park Model Homes here in Yuma are homes that are 400 square feet or less and then most people add a deck and Arizona room as they are quite small without that. Manufactured homes are anything over 400 square feet (the one we looked at was 802 sq. ft.,) and most of the manufactured homes here in the park have a deck and some also have an Arizona room

Friday I went to aquafit and again, no Liz, so we managed to work our way through another time without our leader, it sure makes us appreciate her more! Her daughter has been here visiting so she was enjoying a visit with her but apparently we will be back to normal on Monday – yeah!

We went to Brown Bag Burger for lunch and then to the Arizona market. I had wanted to buy a couple more tops and they had been 3 for $25 so I was waiting for the price to come down and by golly they were $5 each on Friday – needless to say I got a couple!

Saturday was a pretty quiet day, I didn’t do a lot but did manage to finish a book that I was reading. We took a run over to Desert Paradise in the afternoon to see if Jim & Sonia were still there and say goodbye but they had gone - I thought they had said they were leaving on Saturday as they have to get back to Calgary and then fly to the Dominican on the 25th for their granddaughters wedding there.

Today we went to Brownie’s for breakfast then stopped at a couple of places before going to Fry’s for groceries. Fry’s had some really good sales on so I picked up a few extra things that were on sale but not on my list.

We have had a good weekend talking to friends and family, something I always enjoy and it is nice to keep in touch.

And so ends a few more great gifts of days and we look forward to more wonderful days here in Yuma.

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