Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What nice days we have been enjoying, warm and sunny during the day but it cools down nicely at night so it is good for sleeping.

On Monday while I was at aquafit John noticed that the people behind us were having their carpets steam cleaned so went over and asked the fellow if he would do our bedroom carpet (that is the only carpet we have). Because it isn’t a large area no one will make a special trip to do it but because he was already in the park the guy said okay, so I came home to a nice clean carpet – thanks John.

In the afternoon we went to a place that replaces/repairs truck seats to see about having something done with the truck. John has worn out a large piece on his seat where he slides in and out, so something needs to be done about it. They quoted us $158 to have it replaced with what is there but there was another couple there and he told us he had had friends have theirs done at a place in Somerton for a lot less so if we gave him our phone number he would call us and let us know the name of the place. He did call later with the name and address so we will check it out.

When we left there John dropped me off at Beall’s while he went to Lowe’s and Pepboys. Beall’s was very busy as it was seniors discount day but I did manage to find a couple of tops, which was what I was looking for. The rest of the day was quiet and uneventful.

On Tuesday we met Janet & Dave at the Crossings for lunch, their special on Tuesday and Thursdays is wings so we split a large order of wings and they were very good. After lunch Janet and I went to Wal Mart where I got a badly needed pedicure and she got a manicure. We spent the rest of the time shopping until we met up with the guys again. As always, we had a fun afternoon together.

Today I went to aquafit and John went for his bike ride. The ranks are thinning out, quite a few of the gals at aquafit are leaving this week and some of John’s riding friends are leaving, I think by the time we leave here we will have to lock the gate behind us – tee, hee!

This afternoon we went to Somerton to check out the seat repair and the place there was considerably less than the one in Yuma so we will probably get it done there, we’re just waiting to hear if he has the material on hand.

On the way home we stopped at Wal Mart for a couple of things then on home where I sat outside and read for quite a while.

And so ends a few more great gifts of days and we look forward to more wonderful days here in Yuma.

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Gene said...

Hello, John & Carolyn! The waves are, once again, breaking (as in the picture) over the dock. We have been able to get in a few good fishing days and now the winds and waves are doing their thing.
Your Port Orford fisherman friends,
Claudia & Gene