Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter to everyone, it looks like it will be a nice weekend back in Ontario so we hope everyone enjoys the nice weather on this Easter weekend.

It has been another uneventful few days, but as usual we have enjoyed them. On Tuesday we went to Janet & Dave’s for our final visit of the year as they are leaving on Thursday. We ordered a pizza for dinner so had a nice visit with happy hour snacks then a good pizza, what more could we ask for. We are looking forward to seeing them next winter down here in the sunny southwest.

Tuesday the temperature was 92F (30C) so I wasn’t in a real fast moving mode, I really don’t do well with high temperatures like that and even Janet, who loves heat and humidity, said she was almost moving in reverse that day. Thankfully there was no humidity to deal with.

Wednesday was our son’s birthday, hope you had a great day Mike! It was a nice day and not as hot, I was going to do some cleaning but the forecast was for high winds so I figured it would be a waste of time to do it as I would have to do it again after the wind as the dust blows through any little crack when it is windy, now that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The wind started in the afternoon and in the early evening the temperature dropped like a stone, 10 degrees in less than an hour. We had to turn the furnace on in the evening to take the chill off! We went to Wal Mart for a grocery fix but other than that we didn’t do anything too exciting.

Thursday was cloudy in the morning and they were calling for rain but in the afternoon it cleared off and was beautiful. Our smoke detector was beeping, time for a new battery, so while John went out to get that and do a couple of other things I took advantage of his absence and cleaned, nice to have that out of the way for a few days again.

Today was another beautiful day, it was my last day for aquafit (I think) so I said my goodbyes to everyone and see ya next year. After lunch I headed out to do laundry and the place was just about empty, sure no problem getting washers and dryers today.

When I got home John said he had found a problem, oh no! He was greasing the Hensley hitch and lo and behold, one of the bars is really bent, we have no idea how that happened but it isn’t good. Tomorrow morning he is going to try to find a fabricating shop and hopefully they can straighten it out, if that doesn’t happen he will have to call the manufacturer in Michigan on Monday morning and get them to send us a new bar and we know from experience that if we pay about $22 in shipping we can have it in 2 days but hopefully it won’t come to that. We have also been waiting on a new brake controller from them but thankfully that arrived this afternoon so he also has that to install. As he said, he should have started the greasing earlier in the week – isn’t hindsight great!

Right now we are planning on stopping in Casa Grande on Tuesday night to visit friends so hopefully we won’t have to cancel that, it depends on how he makes out with this bar tomorrow morning.

Ben & Diane stopped by to say goodbye today, they are heading out at 5 tomorrow morning so we wished them a safe trip and a wonderful summer. Two trailers behind us left this morning, and one left Thursday morning, so the park is starting to look pretty empty and a lot of the park models homes look closed up for the summer. There are a few people who live here year round but most people are seasonal so I imagine it is pretty quiet, and hot, here during the summer.

And so ends a few more great gifts of days and we look forward to a couple more wonderful days here in Yuma.

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

That's unusual for a Hensley part to bend, they are the best there is.
I hope you can find out what caused it.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX