Monday, April 26, 2010

I didn’t get around to writing anything yesterday as there was nothing to write about – it was a VERY WET, CRAPPY day. I got the laundry done and that was about all I accomplished, it was just a real quiet relaxing day listening to the rain pour down.

We were really glad that we hadn’t bothered to unhook the truck as John would have got soaked hooking us up again. I put a pot roast in the slow cooker for dinner – yummy and that was our day.

It rained off and on all night but had stopped when we got up this morning and within about 15 minutes of leaving the park the sky cleared and the sun came out – yeah. It was a pretty cold day though, especially for us who aren’t used to the cold, I think I saw a high of 15C (60F) but with the sun it was pleasant but there was a very chilly wind.
We stopped in Davidson MI to replace the brake controller, when we had the new one delivered to Yuma John was told that he could replace it with a better model within a year so after driving from Yuma to Michigan we realized that it just wasn’t doing as good a job as it should so we stopped and got the upgrade that they said should be better with the triple axle and wow, what a difference it made. We are really glad we did the upgrade and we also got a new bar to replace the one that had got bent so we should be good on all counts for a while.

We were about 5 miles from the border in Michigan when a pickup passed us, John was watching it come up on us and thought it looked like his brother’s truck and sure enough after he had passed John realized it was his brother. Doug didn’t realize he had passed us and was two lanes over waiting to go through customs but we couldn’t get his attention, then we pulled away from customs just ahead of him so John managed to finally get his attention. We pulled over at the first opportunity and had a chat and he invited us for dinner on Wednesday night so we are looking forward to getting caught up with him and his wife as we haven’t seen them since last August.

Customs was a breeze, a couple of questions and it was have a nice day, sure do like when that happens. We are now set up at Country View Motel & RV in Wyoming and will be here until Thursday when we want to go to Can-Am and get some quotes on having work done on the trailer over the summer.

By the time we got set up we decided it was too windy to grill so we headed back to Sarnia and Swiss Chalet for dinner, we haven’t had Swiss Chalet since November in Victoria, B.C. so we did enjoy it. Nan & Carl had given us a Gift Certificate for Christmas so we used that tonight – thanks for the great dinner Nan & Carl!

I’m not sure when I will get this posted as the internet here is $5/day so I still haven’t decided whether to pay for it or not – the joys of RVing in Ontario – Ontario parks sure are way behind most RV parks in the states – they charge way too much for way too little!!

There is no cable TV here but our TV is working fine on the antenna so the problem in the states was definitely that it doesn’t have a digital tuner. They are going to be required here in Canada next year so I guess we will be looking out for a new TV before we head out in the fall.

Okay, I popped for 3 days of internet so will post this.

And so ends two more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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