Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here I am back again after a few days, I don’t know where the time goes but it flies by and when we haven’t done anything very exciting it is hard to find something to write about.

On Thursday we drove up to Bardstown with a stop at Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace. Well, at Lincoln’s memorial the visitor centre and memorial building were closed for renovations so we didn’t see too much, sure wish they would put a CLOSED sign out so that people could avoid the drive to see nothing!

Bardstown had a neat downtown and a lot of museums, all of which were more than we were willing to pay. We parked downtown and walked around and through a couple of shops but there was nothing that caught our interest so we headed home.

When we got back we decided to check out Mammoth Caves and thought this was where we had toured a cave many years ago. When we arrived at the Visitor Centre we realized we hadn’t been there before so went in to see what tours were available. As it turns out this is National Parks Week and we could get an introductory tour of Mammoth Cave for free – we sure weren’t about to say no to that. The tour was starting in about 5 minutes so I hurried out to the truck to put on my running shoes and leave my purse in the truck as I had been told no purses were allowed on the tour. I was just grabbing my camera and case when John came along and told me that there were no camera bags allowed either – go figure! Needless to say neither of us took our cameras as we weren’t about to hike through a cave for an hour with them swinging from our wrists.

The tour was very good and as always, the guide turned out the lights for a couple of minutes, it is hard to imagine how black dark is!! This is the first cave we have toured where there weren’t stalactites and stalagmites so it seemed quite different from that point of view.

On the way back to the truck after the tour we chatted with a couple of women and lo and behold shortly after we got home they pulled in to a small motorhome across the road from us, they had come in after we left in the morning so we hadn’t seen them. We ended up chatting again for quite a while and they had a tour of our airstream, they offered to trade rigs but we politely declined the offer.

Friday morning was pretty quiet then in the afternoon we decided to go to Glasgow and do a final Wal Mart shopping and I also wanted to get a much needed pedicure. On the way home we stopped in Park City to fill up with the cheapest diesel fuel we had seen - $2.869/gal. We then drove by Diamond Cave and yes, this is the one we toured about 14 years ago and sure enough the rv park is still across the road, sure made us feel better to figure out where we had been so many years ago.

This is election time in this part of the country so the landscape is covered with election signs but the ones we found most interesting were the signs to vote for so and so for County Jailer – sure would like to see that job description!

Somewhere during the day we had heard there were tornado warnings out for this area for Saturday so we decided to head out on Saturday morning instead of sitting around waiting for a tornado to come through the area, so when we got back on Friday John got us hooked up and ready to pull out in the morning.

This morning dawned bright and clear and it was sort of why are we heading out, but, oh well we’re hooked up so let’s go. We had a good drive to Auburn, IN with very little traffic through Louisville KY and Indianapolis, IN and we had nice weather until about the last hour when it was overcast and then rained. We are now at Fireside Resort at Auburn and when we were checking the woman mentioned the tornados in the Bowling Green KY area, okay, we’re sure glad we left that are as Cave City is only a bit north of there.

We arrived about 4 this afternoon and the rain had stopped about the time we arrived but it has just now started to pour again, at least we are cozy and dry in our little home on wheels and will enjoy a quiet evening. Again, we don’t have cable TV so might even watch a movie tonight for something different.

Today we lost another hour and are finally back on Eastern Standard Time - the first time we have been in the same time zone as home since last September!

And so ends three more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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