Sunday, April 18, 2010

We have just enjoyed a couple of quiet days and haven’t done anything very exciting. Yesterday morning it rained off and on then cleared up in the afternoon so we won’t complain too hard.

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Our View of Lake Livingston

Someone Was Flying This Neat Kite Yesterday

I did laundry yesterday so that is out of the way for another week. The internet has been really hit and miss here at the trailer so I took my computer and iPod over to the laundry room and logged into the office and had a good signal so got a lot done while my laundry was doing.

When I came back from the laundry I sat outside and read for quite a while – a very quiet, lazy day.

Today we woke up to rain again but thankfully by noon it had stopped and partially cleared off. Early this afternoon we took a run up to Livingston and fueled up and picked up a couple of groceries, diesel was $2.829/gal ay HEB, the best price we have seen for a while.

When we got back I put the groceries away and did a few inside chores then sat outside with my Kindle for a while. John has the truck ready to hook up in the morning but can’t do it tonight as we are really on a down slope here so no way can he get it hooked up and leveled off again.

I have the inside ready for travel so we should be able to make a quick get away in the morning, now we just have to hope it isn’t raining for John to hook up. We have a reservation at River View RV in Vidalia LA for tomorrow night, it is now a Passport America Park so will be $20 for the night, I do like that!

There are still wild flowers along the side of the road, it will be interesting to see how much farther east we go before we lose them – they sure are pretty.

And so ends two more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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