Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well, we’re on the road again and so far the drive has been good with not a lot of traffic.

Yesterday we got away from Yuma around 10 a.m. and had a good trip to Casa Grande. When we got to Sundance 1 RV Park in Casa Grande we discovered we would have to unhook as we were too long to fit into their pull thrus – grrrr!!

Our Site at Sundance 1 RV Park, Casa Grande AZ

We were just getting ready to head into town, we figured we might as well take a quick tour around if we had to unhook, when Bob and Denise came by. We chatted for a few minutes and said we would see them shortly. We headed for the Palms Resort to see if we could say hello to a couple from our home park in Kincardine, we found their RV but they weren’t home so we left them a note saying we had stopped by and would see them at Green Acres. We made a quick stop at Fry’s to get some wine to take for dinner and get diesel then it was back to the park to Bob & Denise’s.
They have a beautiful park model that they just bought a couple of weeks ago, It is a really nice layout and has a nice living room, something that a lot of the park models don’t have. We sat outside and visited until it was time for dinner then moved inside and enjoyed a wonderful roast beef dinner – thanks so much Denise & Bob for a great meal and a super visit! We hope we see you in Kincardine this summer.

We got away from Casa Grande about 9 this morning, on the way out of town we had to wait for a train at a level crossing, it had 143 cars with 3 engines on the front and one on the back – talk about a LONNNNNNG train! We had a good drive to Deming, NM and the drive through Tucson was great and there wasn’t a lot of traffic. We stopped in Wilcox at Subway for lunch, gotta love those $5 footlongs that we split, and arrived in Deming around 4:30, that was the time after losing an hour when we crossed into New Mexico. We will lose another hour tomorrow when we get to Texas – wow, 2 hours in 2 days takes a bit of getting used to.

It was cool today with a high of about 17C and tonight we have the furnace running – hopefully it will warm up again in Texas.

Picacho Peaks ( You can see these from miles away)

We were really surprised at all the snow covered mountain tops we saw today from Tucson east, we have never seen so many snow covered peaks at this time of year. On the other hand there was a lot of wildflowers in the desert today, something else we have never seen before, so even though the drive was long and pretty boring there were some things to brighten the day.

Snow Covered Mountain Peaks


And so ends a two more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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Sandra said...

I just love the desert flowers even though I have trouble breathing around them.

Safe travels!