Friday, November 26, 2010

Another few days have flown by, I don’t know where the time goes but it does seem to fly by really quickly.

On Wednesday the guys were here shortly after 8:30 to wash the trailer and truck and my, what a difference it makes as they sure were dirty! After they finished John started polishing and he now has both the truck & trailer all polished and shiny – have to put on sunglasses to look at them!!! As I said to a friend in an e-mail, John is like the energizer bunny – he just keeps on going - I sure do wish he would pass some of that energy on to me!!

Yesterday was American Thanksgiving, we are lucky that we get to celebrate two Thanksgivings, our Canadian one in October and the American one in November. There was a dinner at the park but we didn’t go, somehow I just can’t get excited about eating a large meal at 2 in the afternoon so instead we cooked our own little turkey with all the trimmings.

Yesterday was quite cold and windy so I didn’t venture far and John only did polishing where he could be in the sun. Today was much nicer but still a bit on the cool side, however, we aren’t getting freezing temperatures and snow or rain so I am not complaining.

This morning I did laundry, I am trying to get on a Thursday schedule but wasn’t sure if the laundromat would be open yesterday so waited until today to do it. It turns out it was open yesterday, but not staffed. Late this afternoon we went to Fry’s and picked up a couple of groceries then got a pizza from Da Boyz for dinner.

Tomorrow is my sisters birthday, happy early birthday Pat. She and a friend are going to Quebec for a week and leaving early tomorrow morning so I called her a while ago to wish her a happy birthday as well as a happy holiday.

We have nothing planned for the weekend, I will probably bury my nose in a book and relax.

And so ends more great gifts of days and we look forward to another good tomorrow.

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