Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another week has just sped by, why does the time seem to go so fast!

We have had a busy, exciting week – we have bought a manufactured home here at Mountain Cactus Ranch.

Last winter we looked around but didn’t find anything that we liked and that we felt was well priced but that changed on Monday. I had noticed a new “For Sale” sign on the weekend and the house looked really nice and the price was right so we called on Monday and asked if we could see it. When we walked in we knew this was it, if we were ever going to buy something, as it is in immaculate condition. It has a nice lay out with the master bedroom and bath in the back and the second bedroom and bathroom in the front, with the kitchen and living room in the middle and it also has a washer & dryer, and there is tons of storage space. We have room for company if anyone wants to come and visit! All the furniture is included, including the patio furniture, as well as a new 36” Sony flat screen TV. They have bikes they are leaving so John is happy that he will have a regular bike to ride rather than his fold up one. The house faces east so the south side gets the morning sun, there are decks on both sides and Jackie and Stan (the owners) say that in the late spring the deck on the north side is nice as it is cooler there.

We thought about it all day Tuesday and on Wednesday morning went back and took another look then made them an offer, done deal! We take possession on Dec. 15th so are really excited. The only thing I want to do right away is a new mattress so we went looking on Thursday and found what we want so it will be delivered on the 16th. Of course the other challenge was finding storage for the Airstream for the winter but that is now also looked after, it will be in covered storage for the rest of the winter but we now have to decide what we are going to do about it as it is too much of an asset just to use to travel back and forth in the spring and fall, but that is something to worry about when we get home in the spring.

On Tuesday night we went to friends for happy hour and were telling them we had looked at the house, and as they have a home here we asked them a lot of questions and they were very helpful in helping us make a decision. On Wednesday we stopped to tell them we had bought it, and thank them again for their help. In the spring we had asked them if we could store my golf clubs in their shed for the summer so on Wed. I asked them if we could leave them at their place until we move and have our own shed to put them in. The look on their faces was hilarious, apparently they had no idea who belonged to the golf clubs and had been asking everyone they knew if they had put them there, Ben had gone through the pockets to see if there was any ID but had only determined they belonged to a lady, so we solved their dilemma.

On Thursday morning when John went for his bike ride his fellow riders already knew we had bought the house, guess Stan had been talking to a few of them and even the guy from another park knew – sheesh, how news travels!!

Yesterday when I went for a walk I stopped to chat for a couple of minutes with people we know from Alberta who will be our neighbours a few doors down and they asked us to join them for Christmas dinner, there will be about 14 of us going to a local hotel for dinner. They went last year and said it was good so it should be fun.

Yesterday we were out for a bit and on the way home stopped to take a couple of pictures of our new house and while I was taking the pictures the lady across the street came out and asked if we were the new owners. She seemed very nice and friendly, that is what we like about this park, most of the people are really friendly.

Yesterday I did laundry and for some unknown reason decided to try the laundry at the end of the road rather than driving over to the one I usually go to, boy was that a mistake. When I went in it didn’t look too bad but by the time I was ready to dry there were only 2 dryers available so had to wait to dry the 3rd load and the whole place wasn’t nearly as nice or as clean as where I usually go so next time I will go back to the original place. Boy, I can’t wait to have my own washer and dryer!!!

We have had a bit of cooler weather this week but it has started to warm up again although today is quite overcast. I haven’t started the aquafit yet as it has been too cool in the morning but hopefully it will start up soon and be warmer in the morning. Liz, the gal who led them last year, has just come back and I was talking to her the other day and she is hoping to get started again in the next week or so but like me she said it has been too cool in the morning to get excited about it.

And so ends more great gifts of days and we look forward to another good tomorrow.

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Sandra said...

Congratulations on your purchase! It looks lovely and I look forward to some interior photos.

It's going to be difficult to give up your Airstream though!