Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We have arrived at our winter home in Yuma – hooray! We arrived here about 2:15 p.m. and were glad to see the end of the road days, the trip here was 4120 km (2559 miles) so we have covered a lot of ground!

Today’s drive was good and we got 15.1 miles/U.S. gallon, not too shabby, especially considering the last two days we were driving right into the wind so were only getting around 10.5 miles/U.S. gallon. The drive through Tucson was good but I am always glad to get through there, it is so stretched out and takes a long time to get through. We waved to Bob & Denise as we passed Casa Grande, would have loved to stop and say hello but at that point we just wanted to get to Yuma. At least we had a nice visit, although brief, when they stopped to see us in Waterloo at the end of October.

Picacho Peak Near Casa Grande

Cotton Fields

A Double Dome

Lots of Saguaros

Looking Down the Road

We saw this trailer at a park in Gila Bend today and think it is the same one we were parked beside a couple of years ago in Alamogordo (I don't imagine there are too many trailers like it around!)

Once we got set up we sat outside and enjoyed the warmth and sun along with an icy cold beer. Around 5:30 we headed over to Fry’s to pick up a few groceries then picked up a pizza for dinner at Da Boyz Pizza – it was really yummy!

Tomorrow we have lots to do but number 1 will be picking up a modem from Time Warner so we can get the Road Runner internet set up and working.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another good tomorrow.

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