Friday, December 10, 2010

Another week has flown by and me thinks it is time to catch up on the blog.

Last week I had an e-mail from a gal who is a writer for Airstream Magazine and Airstream's newsletter saying she would like to interview us about our travels and our Airstream so that interview happened on Monday morning – hopefully it will come out okay and I didn’t sound like a real dufus! Becky was really nice and easy to talk to so I think it went okay.

Last Sunday we went to Brownie’s CafĂ© for breakfast then checked out the new market. The existing Arizona market was taken over last year by new owners, there have been a lot of changes, one of those changes being a lot of vendors who haven’t returned this year. We had heard that a lot of them have gone to the old Mervyn’s store so we decided to check it out, and there are quite a few of them there now but the prices have increased with their new location (I suspect they are paying more for rent now). We wandered around but didn’t open our wallets as there was nothing we really needed. We have also heard that some of them went to the swap meet near the airport so will have to check that out some time also.

Wednesday I finally made it to my first aquafit of the season and really enjoyed it, I went again today so hopefully will make it most of the time for the rest of the time we are here. Now that Liz, the leader, is back and the weather is warmer it will be busy, I will have to get there early to get a spot!

Wednesday afternoon we stopped and bought a new mattress so that is done, it will be delivered on the 16th so for sure we will be sleeping in our new place on Thursday night!
Yesterday we did a trip to Mexico, I had e-mailed and made a dental appointment so we went early enough to shop for glasses before heading for the dentist. We ended up buying 2 pairs of glasses each, John got two pair of reading glasses and I got a new pair of glasses plus a pair of polarized sun glasses, total for four pairs $520 – how can you go wrong as I couldn’t buy one pair for that price at home. We both got free eye exams and he told me the same as the optometrist at home had told me last summer about the change in one eye so I know I am getting the right prescription. By the time we got through at the dentist – we both had our teeth cleaned but had to wait a while for our appointments, our glasses were ready so we got them fitted and headed out. John bought me a nice curio cabinet for our new house and we bought a litre of Kaluha for $8.50 plus John bought a new belt and I got a purse. We waited about 10 minutes to clear customs, so all in all it was a good morning.

We stopped at Wal Mart on the way home and did something we haven’t done in years, we got lunch at McDonald’s; we were both starving and it was handy so we broke down and did lunch there. After picking up a few groceries we finally made it home for a quiet rest of the day.

The weather this week has been wonderful, hot and sunny during the day but cooling off enough at night to make it nice for sleeping, what more could we ask for!

Today we were invited to a surprise 80th birthday party on the 22nd for one of our new neighbours, should be fun.

There was a nice sunset tonight and I took a picture of the Christmas lights on the trailer across from us.

Once we get moved in I will take pictures of our new place and post them. I think next week will be busy so I don’t imagine I will do a post until next weekend, but hopefully by then I will have some pictures.

And so ends more great gifts of days and we look forward to more good days to come.


Sandra said...

Looking forward to seeing your new place!

Becky Blanton said...

Carolyn, You were wonderful and I had a great time talking to you!! I'm looking forward to the piece coming out in Airstream's newsletter. You had some great tips about what to consider when buying an Airstream. I think sharing those on your blog would help a lot of people! You have such a fun and active life and are SO right - don't wait to start RVing and don't wait to buy your first Airstream. Lots of folks never make it to retirement, so don't put off the adventure. Do it now while you can - even if it's just on the weekends and vacations! Thank you again for a great interview! You're awesome!!


Larry T said...

just found your blog .. we are in Kincardine and your missing some real nice snows
21 closed for a couple of days
have fun and enjoy from
Larry and Jean Penetagore row Kincardine

Larry T said...

I think Jean and Kim say you get your hair done at the Hair loft .. if so they say hi