A Cloudy Day

Today was overcast and cooler, the sun would pop out for a few minutes then disappear and we had a couple of showers but nothing much in the way of rain.

This morning we just puttered around then this afternoon we took the Central Coastal Drive into Charlottetown, part of the drive goes through a National Park so it cost us $6.80 for that part of the drive. We stopped part way through the park and walked the beach for a bit so we could get a picture of the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse. Just as we were walking back up to the truck a bride, groom and photographer were heading down by the water for pictures and it was starting to rain a bit so hopefully they didn’t get too wet. We drove a bit further along and it wasn’t raining so got out to go walk along the beach but by the time we got to the beach it was raining again, so much for walking the beach.

Covehead Lighthouse & Beach

We stopped at Home Depot and got some Plexiglas so John can make storm doors for the trailer. We had them in the ’05 trailer and really liked them as you can leave the door open when it is raining or a bit cool.

When we got back John started on the doors and I went up to the office to use the wi-fi. It is good there so I got caught up on my blog and pictures until yesterday. I was chatting with
Leonard, one of the owners, off and on while working on the computer and said how busy they are for the weekend, turns out tonight is bingo night in the park, they have it once a month and it is so popular they always have a busy weekend. Bingo was from 7 – 9 and the park was totally quiet and we didn’t see a single soul during that time so I guess it is a big deal here.

There is a drag race strip beside the park and Saturday night is race night but surprisingly we heard very little of it which pleasantly surprised us.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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