December 30/12 - Phoenix AZ

Well, we are now in Phoenix so hopefully we will be in Yuma around noon tomorrow, we probably won't head out until about 9 am so as to miss Phoenix rush hour traffic! At least we are only two miles from 101, that is the ring road around Phoenix, so once we get on that it shouldn't be too bad to get out of town.

This morning the weather channel was calling for a winter storm to hit Flagstaff late this afternoon so we debated heading south at Albuquerque, but when we got to Albuquerque it looked fine to the west so we decided to head for Flagstaff. The weather was great all the way to Flagstaff, but just as we got there we had a bit of a snow shower but we were going to be heading south, as well as downhill all the way to Phoenix, so I figured it would be okay. Well, between Flagstaff and Phoenix we had snow showers and some freezing rain but, fortunately, not enough to make for hazardous driving just nervous hoping it wouldn't get any worse.

We enjoyed reminiscing on the way to Flagstaff about all the places we had visited when we came home that way in 2006. We had never driven from Flagstaff to Phoenix before and today we were thankful we didn't have the trailer as there are a lot of twists and turns as well as lots of steep downhill grades. For sure if we ever come back with the trailer we will take the more southern route!

Love The Scenery

Flagstaff Area with San Francisco Mountains

Today the temperature yo-yoed all over the place, it was -2C (27F) when we left Santa Rosa and we hit a high of 10C (50F) at Holbrook AZ but in between of these high and lows it was all over the place. It was only 8C (46F) when we arrived here, pretty cool for Phoenix!

Tonight we are at a Drury Inn again and still the same great deal as at Joplin, the only difference is that at dinner in Joplin it was pretty well all older people whereas tonight it was mainly families with very noisy young children. The food was good but we didn't linger long with all the noise, wonder if it will be as noisy at breakfast!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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