Home in Yuma & Happy New Year

We have arrived safely in Yuma, after 4-1/2 days on the road and travelling 4,004km (2,489 miles).

We want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2013.

We had a great drive here, good weather, except for yesterday when we hit a bit of snow and freezing rain between Flagstaff & Phoenix - right, the worst weather in Arizona! We breezed through Indianapolis, Saint Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque and Phoenix, travelling over the holidays made for a good trip with very light traffic.

We arrived in Yuma around 12:30 and the first stop was Time Warner to get the Internet as, if we didn't do it today, it would be Wednesday before we could get it. Time Warner was a zoo, full of people and very slow service - grrrr! Next were stops at Fry's and Walmart for groceries so it was almost 3:30 when we finally arrived home.

Diane & Ben were just coming by as we were pulling in the driveway so stopped to give us big hugs and welcome us back. Then Sharon & Bob, who live across the street, and their friends Carolyn & Gary, came over to give us more hugs and invite us for dinner. We got the truck unloaded, the water on etc. before we went over for a delicious turkey and ham dinner, and a great visit with friends.

When we came into the house the first thing we noticed that our friend Gail had come in and cleaned our place and washed the towels and sheets so everything was nice and clean. Then there were flowers on the coffee table with a lovely card from Sharon, Bob, Carolyn, Gary, Ann, David, Fred & Valerie, all our neighbours. What wonderful friends we have here, we are so blessed to have such nice friends both here and at home!

When we came back from dinner John started on hooking up the Internet, 1-1/2 hours later and a lengthy phone call to Time Warner finally got us on line, so that is why I'm so late doing this and won't post it until tomorrow.

Talking about late, me thinks it is time to head for bed, so again happy new year all!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.


Sandra Merrikin said...

Glad you arrived safely! Happy New Year!

Larry T said...

Seasons greetings too as I was waiting for the blog to continue and did not notice that I needed to look at the right hand column and click on the new link ..
I was just thinking you were having a few issues getting online..
so glad to see you guys have got settled in .