Catching Up

I guess it’s time for another update. I can’t believe we’ve been here for over a month already – where does the time go! I’m sure glad we aren’t in Ontario today with the snowstorm they are getting, Nancy, Kelly & Pat have all sent me pictures and it looks pretty but not where I want to be!

Last Thursday we went to Castle Dome and the old mining town and even though we have already been there three or four times before we still enjoyed it and they have a lot of new displays since we were last there. We packed a lunch so ate lunch when we got there then toured the town. Carol and I lucked out when we were in the hotel as the upstairs is not open to the public but Allen, the owner, was there and invited us to see the upstairs. There were two lovely bedrooms and a balcony with an absolutely beautiful view of Castle Dome, what luck to see it. In another new building we met one of the hosts and he was very interesting to talk to and told us some of the history of the town. We came home and then Bryan and Carol treated us to dinner at Red Lobster – yummy.

McPhaul Bridge


Castle Dome Village

On Friday our friends Ginny and Gil arrived and are staying here in the park for the month of February. It’s funny as it was through Carol that we met Ginny and Gil as Carol and Ginny worked together at the K/W Public Health. Friday night we had G & G down for dinner and had a great evening chatting, we were going to play Mexican Train but were so busy talking that we never got around to a game.

Friday morning we went out shopping for a washer and ended up buying one at Sears with delivery for Monday afternoon, not what I really wanted to buy but the old one was done in and being about 14 years old and the most basic of models it wasn’t worth trying to get it fixed. John got up and had headed to the Laundromat about 7 on Friday morning to get the washing done then brought it home to dry.

Saturday morning when I got up Carol said the Keurig coffee maker wouldn’t turn on, what’s with all these electrical problems! Long story short we had to get another one as we had been having a few problems with the Keurig prior to that. So Saturday we went coffee maker shopping and Bryan wanted to shop for a camera so we ended up with a new Keurig and Bryan got his camera. Saturday night was burger night at the park so the six of us went for burgers then back to G & G’s for the evening – another evening of laughs and lies!!

Sunday we took Bryan & Carol to Martinez Lake and the KOFA Wildlife Reserve, another nice day of touring. While at the KOFA Visitor Centre John saw a really nice walking stick that he bought for $25. It was made in Waco Texas and is a Brazos walking stick with a gold Hame top. When he came home he checked it out on the internet and it lists for $72, so did he get a deal. He has had a few fellows stop him and ask him where he got it and they all said he got a heck of a deal.

Monday morning we had Bryan and Carol to the airport at 10:30 am for their flight home. We had a good time with them and enjoyed their visit. We came home and did some cleaning etc. while waiting for the new washing machine to be delivered. Wow, am I glad to have it and be able to do laundry again.

Tuesday we went to Mexico with G & G, John and I wanted to get new glasses and I had to get blood work done, so we got that looked after first thing as we had to wait 2 hours for the lab report and 3 hours for the glasses. We wandered around for a while then stopped for a Margarita and nachos. John passed on the Margarita as he was driving but Ginny, Gil and I enjoyed ours. After picking up our new glasses and lab report we headed back to Yuma and went to the Olive Garden for a late lunch/early dinner.

Wednesday was a quiet day, we went to Walmart to get groceries and did more laundry but that was about our excitement for the day.

Yesterday we went to the market with G & G and had fun wandering around and I really enjoyed spending the time shopping with a girl friend for a change. We went to the spaghetti dinner last night then came back here and finally got our game of Mexican Train in.

Today is another quiet day, just catching up on stuff. The weather continues to be beautiful but it is a bit cooler today, only in the high 60’s and supposed to stay in that range until about next Wednesday. With the sun it feels warm so we aren’t complaining!

And so ends many more great gifts of days and we look forward to more great days ahead.


Janet Johnson said...

great pictures of you and John.. looks like you are having a very busy warm time. Janet J.

Janet Johnson said...

Great pics of you and John. looks like life in the warm is good.
Janet j.