Many More Fun Days

I guess it’s time for another catch up but I am having trouble trying to remember what all we did.

A week ago yesterday we went to the Quechin Casino for brunch with Ginny and Gil, we had the special of the day that was very good and only $4.99, you sure can’t beat that price. After that we went to the indoor market and spent a while there, then a stop at Walmart then came back here and Ginny made fajitas for dinner.

Tuesday Ginny & Gil had to go to Mexico so we went with them, then came back and Ginny and I browsed Kirkland’s while the guys went to the sports store, after which we went to the Olive Garden for lunch – sure do like their soup and salad special. After that we went out to the Kofa Wildlife Centre and spent some time at the visitor’s centre then drove around for a bit.

Wednesday we had friends, who we met in this park but they are now in another park, over for a visit. There were four of them and we had a great visit and really enjoyed it.

Thursday we did a farm tour near El Centro at the University of California Desert Research Extension Center. The tour started at 9:30 a.m. with coffee and popcorn and then Nancy, one of their many volunteers, gave a brief talk on what we would be doing for the day and about the Research Centre. We were then divided into two groups and our group got on hay wagons for a tour of the farm – very interesting. We stopped a few times and our hostess for this tour told us about the crops, harvesting, what research they were doing etc. At one point we stopped and those who wanted to could try siphoning water out of the irrigation system manually. When we got on the wagon we were given a bottle of water and a huge orange bag and the tour ended at a large crop area where we could pick as much as we wanted to take home. There was romaine and iceberg lettuce, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, daicon radishes, plus more that I can’t remember.

When we came back from the wagon tour they served lunch, salad with any kind of toppings that you could image, the plates were huge and it was delicious. During lunch we were entertained by Nancy and her husband playing the mandolin and singing, and a lot of the songs they had written themselves.

After lunch our group went into a large hall where Nancy made a presentation on the research centre and the top 10 crops in California, with the number one crop being cattle. It was an interesting presentation and we also learned what some of the crops they are growing here in Yuma are, there is one that is quite a deep red and we couldn’t figure out what it was, it turns out it is Spring Mix. There were videos showing how some of the crops are picked and packed right in the fields, wow what an interesting presentation.

We then returned to the main area where we were treated to ice cream, served in mugs that turn different colours from the cold of the ice cream, (we got to keep the mugs), and a variety of toppings for our ice cream. There were lots of door prizes given out but unfortunately we didn’t win one, and that was the end of the tour.

Pictures from the Farm Tour

We then went into El Centro to Walmart as the California wine is cheaper there than here in Yuma. It was about 7 when we got back to Yuma so we went to DaBoyz for pizza, a good end to a great day.

Friday we did happy hour here with Gail and Don, Gil and Ginny and Sharon and Bob, time to introduce our friends to each other.

Saturday we went to the Palms RV Resort, they had a Harley Show and open house with $5 burgers and free beer. There was a huge crowd there and they had two bands playing, unfortunately the music was so loud it was hard to talk as both John and I have a very difficult time hearing people when there is loud music. We went with Ginny and Gil and met another couple there that they know from Washago, Ontario. There were a lot people dancing by the pool and one couple fell in – oh, oh not fun. There were a lot of gorgeous bikes on display, it was fun looking at them and seeing all the different ones.

Yuma Palms Afternoon

Yesterday morning John took Ginny and Gil over to the Fry’s plaza to catch a bus for their three day trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. They asked John and I if we want to go but we did the same trip about six years ago so passed this time. John and I went out in the afternoon and did a bit of shopping and then last night we enjoyed the finale of Downtown Abbey, what a bummer it is that we now have to wait until next January for season 4.

Today is a quiet, get caught up day and I am enjoying it. We are looking forward to our friends from B.C. arriving next Sunday and my sister’s visit in March. The time is just flying by and unfortunately it will be time to head home before we know it!

And so ends many more great gifts of days and we look forward to more great days ahead.

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