Sunday, Nov. 17/13

Today was another long day on the road and we are now in Amarillo TX.  The traffic was very light and Tulsa and Oklahoma cities were a breeze.  There were a fair number of construction zones but no problem as there was no work happening today.

The weather today was wonderful, a sunny day with temperatures in the 20-22C (70-74F) range, sure can't complain about that.  We were thinking that a couple of weeks ago it would have been a pretty drive with all the leaves changing colour.  So far the drive has been pretty boring as it has been flat land for three days, but tomorrow will be more scenic when we get into New Mexico.

We stopped at a MacD's for lunch and were saddened to hear about the tornados through Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.  Thankfully we had cleared that area yesterday but our hearts go out to those affected.

We had an e-mail earlier this month listing US businesses that give Senior's discounts but you have to ask for the discount. MacDonald's has a seniors small coffee, the regular rate is $1.00 so in Indiana the senior's rate was $0.55, in Missouri it was $0.52, in  Oklahoma it was $0.35 and in Texas $0.25, a great deal but funny that each place is a different price.  The small is probably equal to a Tim's medium in size and MacD's coffee is really good, we actually prefer it to Tim's.

We are hoping to get to Flagstaff AZ tomorrow, a long drive  but we do gain an hour when we get into New Mexico.  I am quite tired tonight so will hit the hay early as I want to be up by six so we can be on the road by 7:30.  Yes, me up at 6 am, sure won't be happening once we get to Yuma!!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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