We Have Arrived!

We arrived in Yuma yesterday afternoon around 2 pm.  The drive from Flagstaff to Yuma was good but the most traffic we hit this trip was on the 101 around Phoenix,  and even that wasn't too bad.

When we got here John wanted to do a regeneration cycle on the water softener, about a two hour process, so while that was going we went to Time Warner to get the Internet modem, then picked up some groceries.  When we got back we started unpacking, I got about two thirds done and called it quits.  We did a Walmart pizza for dinner and then called it an early evening.

Today we finished the unpacking and John spent most of the day cleaning up outside while I cleaned inside and did laundry.  We are getting there but there is still more to do.

Yesterday when we arrived Bob & Sharon came out to welcome us back, then today we chatted with our next door neighbours Ann & David.  I also had a nice phone chat with Diane, so we are slowly touching base with friends and neighbours.

Tomorrow is more cleaning and grocery shopping as yesterday I only got enough groceries to do us til tomorrow.  I also need to go to the Yuma market in the next day or two to pick up a few things.

It is so nice to be back and the weather is wonderful, what a pleasure to sit outside and have a before  dinner drink, even though it's dark!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.


Larry T said...

Hi Carolyn
See you guys are out and about ..I kept looking at your old blog looking for updates and finally found you with a google search
my old bookmark would not load anything new
Hope you guys are enjoying your time down there
its been cold here ..way below normal
Have fun you two and enjoy
Larry and Jean Kincardine

Larry T said...

How is the weather ,.. ??
Finally warmed up after a week of blizzard conditions
Trust all is well
Larry and Jean