Saturday - September 1, 2007

Today we woke up to an overcast sky so decided to take it easy. This afternoon we went out shopping, we found two large malls so got our fill of wandering around stores. I got a new pant suit for fall but that was about all. When we went out this afternoon it was very foggy, we couldn’t even see Signal Hill for the fog so we were glad we hadn’t decided to do the Irish Loop as it wouldn’t have been a good day for it. The park here is so well treed we couldn’t see the fog until we got out of the park.

After the malls we stopped at Sobey’s and when we came out it was reallly pouring so John ran for the truck and picked me up out front. We stopped at the library and did the computer stuff after that and by the time we got back it had pretty well stopped raining. All in all it was a quiet day but nice.

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