Thursday - September 6, 2007

Today was sunny and yesterdays wind had died down so it made for a good crossing back to Nova Scotia. The ferry was scheduled to leave at 9 a.m. and you are supposed to be there an hour early so we headed out about 7:45 and thought we would have something to eat on the dock while we were waiting to board – wrong, they were already loading when we got there so we just drove right on. The cafeteria was open so we got breakfast on board – bacon and eggs.

We were surprised at how long we could see land for, it was at least 3 hours after leaving Argentia before we lost sight of land and we passed fairly close to St. Pierre & Michelon so got a look at them. We saw some whales on the way across, there were three of them putting on a show for a while, so that was interesting. I read a Jodi Picout book that Nan had given me so that helped pass the time. We docked about 10:40 p.m. and were at the park before 11, they are busy here but the Port aux Basque ferry came in about 9:30 so that is why they are so busy, it will probably clear out pretty good tomorrow. We gained a half hour back when we got here, it will be nice to only have to deal with a one hour difference from home, an hour and a half is a real pain.

Time for bed, how can I be so tired when I didn’t do anything all day?

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