Tuesday - September 4, 2007

Today was mainly cloudy, windy and cool but at least it didn’t rain so we aren’t complaining. We had a bit of shopping we wanted to do so we thought we would go downtown and walk around and check out some stores. It wasn’t easy finding a parking space but we finally did, then we spent a couple of hours walking along Water and Harbour Streets. It was really busy everywhere we went today, here we thought with school starting it would be quieter but not so. As usual, we got lost a couple of times trying to get to Quidi Vidi and then downtown but we did finally make it. We walked along the harbour for a while and there was a huge cruiser tied up, Turmoil out of the Cayman Islands – it even had a helicopter on board!! After downtown we headed back to the Avalon Mall for a bit, then got fuel and went out for dinner.

After dinner we decided to go back up Signal Hill for a final look and although it was getting dark and a bit foggy we still had a good view of the city. From there it was time to make our way home, we found some streets we hadn’t been on before so saw a bit more of the city. After a week we still haven’t figured how to get around here – I wonder if the natives have it figured out! Pippy Park is off Allandale Road so when we saw Allandale on the way home we got on it, it then turned into Bonavista Road then back into Allandale – that is they type of thing drivers are having to contend with plus the fact that street signs are few and far between and when looking for a street we are always past it before we can read the sign. Oh well, tomorrow we leave and hopefully we won’t run into anymore problems trying to find our way around. Oh yes, we have never ended up on so many dead end roads as here in Newfoundland, it has become a joke with us –“end of the road again” as they have never heard of “No Exit” signs here.

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