Sunday - January 6, 2008

Today was mostly sunny and the temperature was in the high 60’s so it was quite pleasant.

We went golfing this afternoon and again it was fairly busy but not as slow as last week. After golf we decided to go to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner as someone had told Dave it was good, bad move on our part. John, Dave and I had ribs and they were okay but Texas Roadhouse is better and our rice was barely warm. Dave and I ordered cesear salad as one of our sides and they were out – at 6 p.m.!! Janet sent her chicken back as she said it tasted off and her veggies were cold. We heard people all around us complaining about cold food and slow service and yes our service was slow but we didn’t complain as we have no trouble talking while we wait and as I said, hey we’re retired – what’s the hurry! Anyways, it’s another restaurant we won’t bother going back to.

Now I have a question for all you RV’ers out there. In this little house on wheels we are having a difference of opinion on how to manage the hot water, I say turn it on in the morning and leave it on until bedtime, that way it only has to totally heat up once. John thinks it should go on in the morning and then as soon as showers and dishes are over he turns it off, then it goes on at dinnertime in time to do dishes then off again. On days like today when we are out for dinner so are not home to warm it up to do dinner dishes, washing up before going to bed can be a chilly experience!! I’m not sure that one method is more efficient than the other (and that is what this is all about) so wonder if anyone can tell me if one way is more efficient. Any replies I get I will post on my blog so others can see what the different opinions on this are, in case someone else is interested.

Enough for today, we are looking forward to another great day tomorrow.


Sandra said...

We turn ours on when we need it. If the water's cold at night when I want to wash my face, I heat some up in the kettle.

When we first started RVing I used to keep it on all the time but figured it was a waste of propane.

Unfortunately the electric part of our hot water heater doesn't appear to work so it doesn't do a very good job keeping it hot in the interim.

Colin, Margaret and Splash Werner said...

We leave ours on all the time. We are in a warm climate and it hardly ever turns on during the day unless you use it for something. I like the convenience of having it on all the time so I have hot water whenever I need it.When I decide I want to have a shower I don't like to wait for 20 minutes for the water to heat up.