Tuesday -January 8, 2008

Today was another nice day but the wind was out of the north so it was a bit cool, but who’s complaining!! Not me!

We had our golf scramble today and as usual had a good time with some good shots, some bad shots and even a couple of really bad shots as well as a couple of really good shots!! I guess that is what it is all about.

On the way home we stopped for propane then when we got back John washed the truck – which was badly needed. By the time he got done I was ready to do laundry, so that is another dirty job done.

I was reading another blog this morning where she said about defrosting the fridge and I just said to John thankfully that is one job we don’t have to contend with. We have an apartment sized fridge in our RV which runs on electric only but with our solar system this is not a problem. On the 14 hour boat crossing from Newfoundland this past September we put the fridge on Vacation Mode and when we landed and got into the RV park in Nova Scotia everything was still frozen in the freezer and cold in the fridge, what more could we ask for! We have to give a big hand to Andy at Can-Am RV for trying out new things and proving they work. So far the only problem we have encountered is the bracket suspending the cheese compartment broke so we now have the compartment sitting on the shelf rather than suspended – big deal!!

Well, tis the end to another nice day here in the south. We are just watching the news and although it is warm in Canada now they are calling for more really cold weather so we are happy to be enjoying the weather here and not having to put up with the freeze, warm at home.

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