Wednesday - February 20, 2008

Today was a return to cooler weather and wind, the sun was out most of the day but then clouded over mid afternoon and with the wind it felt quite cool. I was sitting outside reading and had to retreat inside as it was getting uncomfortable sitting out.

I talked to my mom this afternoon and she is sounding much better and not coughing like she was, so that is good although she says she still doesn’t have any energy. Hopefully that will improve soon.

This morning we got out some boxes from storage and sorted through them and put a few things into them – a little less clutter in the cupboards! I went for a nice walk this afternoon and stopped and bought a couple of tickets for the fashion show and luncheon next Wednesday, Janet is going to come over and go with me and we hope it is as nice as the one we went to last year.

It was a quiet day and we have just revised our plans for dinner as with the wind John figures it will be too hard keeping the barbecue lit so we will have pasta instead, and save the ribs for Friday. We are hoping to be able to see the eclipse of the moon tonight but right now it is pretty cloudy, hopefully it will clear off.

I just got this picture from Dave of Janet & Hey Yu before heading off to the dog show.

Today was another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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