Friday - March 28, 2008

Today was another hot sunny day, the weather sure has been nice but for me these temperatures are just a bit too hot.

We decided to tour the Desert Museum today, what a wonderful place and so interesting. It was a hot day to do the tour, but we don’t have a lot of time to wait for a cooler day, so off we went – it was so hot (at one time I saw a temperature of 94F) my back was soaked under my purse/backpack and we were so glad we had water and that we could fill up the water bottle at water fountains. But, even with the heat we enjoyed the day and found it a fascinating place – definitely a place we would visit again.

Cave Demo at Park

Prairie Dog



Javeline (Pronounced Havelina)

Saguaro with Interesting Arms (Pronounced Swaro)

Lots of Saguaros

Totem Cacti

First Sprout

Organ Pipe Cacti

Another Agave

Flicker In Agave

We were wiped when we got back so we both had a nice nap then I did laundry – another job done for a bit. We have now finished dinner and John did the dishes so that was nice. Janet and Dave arrived home this week so we called to see how their trip home was, Janet said it was good except for the fact they had a blowout on a trailer tire in Sacremento – not fun. I hope to get this posted and call it a night as I am still drained from all the heat and sun today.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.


Sandra said...

I watched for you to come last Friday as I thought you were coming to Diamond J. Since then Gordon has been diagnosed with Valley Fever induced pneumonia so between Emergency rooms and running to fill prescriptions I've been wiped!

How long will you be here?

Sandra said...

There is wifi here but no pool. There is a little golf course though.

Let's wait till tomorrow. He's already done too much today, I think. It might be better if I came over there but the owner of Desert Trails frowns on visitors from Diamond J - the owners don't get along. Doc Justin (who owns Diamond J) used to own Desert Trails and there's bad blood between them. What site are you in?