Sunday -March 23, 2008

Happy Easter everyone, hope you all had wonderful Easter dinners and enjoyed your day.

Today was a scorcher, the high I saw was 97F (33C), just a tad too hot for my liking, but there was a nice breeze so it wasn’t uncomfortable and we still haven’t had to resort to turning on the A/C. Today John got the truck packed up and ready to roll in the morning and I got things put away and organized inside, hopefully we are ready to roll but after sitting for so long it is hard to remember what all has to be done. John checked the tire pressure etc. on Friday and amazingly they were still good after sitting in the heat for 4+ months.

We talked to Kel, Mike, my mom and my sister today, as well as our friends Mike and Marg so got caught up on all the news.

I went for my last swim here around 3:30 and the pool was quite busy for a while but I did end up being the only one in for a while so managed to do some lengths. Sure have enjoyed the pool once it warmed up enough to want to go in.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner tonight, we thought we would use the last Christmas GC from Nan & Carl and it would be a nice way to spend our last evening in Yuma. We were surprised that it wasn’t real busy, we only had to wait a couple of minutes for a table, but once we were seated it was a different story. After almost 15 minutes I got a gal’s eye and she asked if we had been looked after so I said no, we had been there about 15 minutes so figured maybe we were invisible. She apologized, said she would look after us and also talk to the manager, then she proceeded to take our order. Within a couple of minutes the manager came and apologized and said we would be looked after; from there the service was wonderful, the food was excellent and when the bill came the amount owing was $0.00!! We thanked the young lady for her wonderful service (also left her a very nice tip) and thanked the manager on the way out and said we would certainly return next year when we come back to Yuma. Needless to say John and I were very impressed and surprised, I don’t think you find this kind of service very often. I know the night we went to Logan’s and the food and service were so terrible all we heard was sighs from the waitress, it goes without saying that we will never go to Logan’s again. We now will be able to look forward to another dinner at an Olive Garden on the way home.

With the satellite dish put away we are watching cable TV tonight, the movie Geronimo is on so I have one eye on that as well as doing this. Now that we are going to be back on the road we will have to get used to not always having wi-fi and probably not cable TV too often and we will only set up the satellite if we are staying more than 2 nights someplace. On the other hand, we are looking forward to seeing and exploring new places on our way home and being “On The Road Again”.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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