Wednesday - March 26, 2008

Our Trailer at Desert Trails RV Park

Today was another beautiful day so we decided to tour the Old Tucson Studios;, this is a movie studio that was built in 1939 for the movie Arizona and then after WW11 it became a very popular movie set and many movies have been filmed there, mainly westerns. Movie stars from John Wayne to Leonardo DiCaprio have used this studio for their movie setting so there is a lot of history. This studio was also used for filming Gunsmoke and Little House on the Prairie and the mountain you see in the background of my picture of High Chapparal is a familiar sight in many movies.

When we got there we took a guided tour and learned about the history of the studio and the many actors and actresses who had been on set there. During the day they have a number of live shows so we saw the Miracle Elixir Show (a comedy), The Great Tucson Bank Robbery (terrific acting), Cowgirl Up (a Musical) and a couple of short films – Remembering John Wayne and Where Legends Walked. We also took the train ride around the studio so saw it from the back and toured all the buildings. They had a haunted mine tour which was quite good, all in all an interesting day.

The morning we were leaving Yuma our neighbour told John that when we got here we should buy a Tucson Passport for all the attractions so I went on the internet to check it out and it costs $15 and there are a lot of attractions that are pay one admission and get the second free with the passport. There were also numerous places listed where the passport could be purchased and the studio was one of the places so we bought one yesterday and we saved $3 just on the Old Tucson Studio yesterday so it has already paid for itself.

This Mountain Will Be Seen In Every Movie Filmed Here

One of the Studio Buildings

Another View

Miracle Elixir Show

Scene from Bank Robbery

When we got back Gil came over and asked us over for a drink. He was feeling much better and they are leaving in the morning so one last visit. Ginny has a Mac laptop so asked John if he would mind helping her signing up for the Apple Care so I came back to start dinner while he did that, John turned up shortly with her computer and said there were a lot of upgrades that needed to be done and they would take a couple of hours, at least, to do so he brought it back here.

We had just finished eating when Ginny came to the door with a couple of pieces of pecan fudge pie for us – yummy. At that point her computer was still saying 2 hours left for the upgrades.

It is now 11 p.m., I am dead tired and cannot get on the internet so am going to bed. Last night was one of my no sleep nights, I was still awake at 4 a.m. so am fading fast tonight. Ginny’s computer is still doing the downloads so John will stay up until it’s done (hopefully not a lot longer!). I will have to wait until tomorrow to post this as I can’t get on the internet and I am too tired to spend time trying to get on.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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