Wednesday - March 19, 2008

The nice weather continues to be really nice with a high of about 27C today, nothing to sneeze at. We started to get ready to go on the road on Monday, today John started cleaning out the back of the truck and I got my crystals packed away until next winter, probably. I did some cleaning, getting a start on getting all spick and span before we head out.

Monday we are going to go to Tucson and are going to stay at Justin’s Diamond J RV, we want to visit the Desert Museum as well as a couple of other places in Tucson so we aren’t sure how long we will be there. That is the joy of this life, you go where you want when you want, so our trip home is not written in stone, we know where all we want to go but have no deadlines.

I went for a nice swim this afternoon and had a few enjoyable chats with people in the pool, everyone is getting ready to head for home and it is surprising home many of them have now decided to leave their RVs here until they return next fall – sign of the times with the increased fuel prices. The fellow next door said they are leaving on Friday, they have bought a park model in Casa Grande so are heading for there to move in then will go home and try to sell their RV and truck, they have an older big 5th wheel and a real heavy duty truck so we think selling the combo might be a bit of a challenge.

Nothing else new, just another nice day; and so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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