Friday - November 28, 2008

Today was very overcast and cloudy when we got up but at least it wasn’t raining. We were on the road by about 9:30 and it was still overcast,

View When We Left Spanish Trail RV

and we had a lot of traffic heading out to I-70, which was about 30 miles. Once we got on I-70 the traffic was reduced to almost nothing and the sun finally came out after about 15 minute on the Interstate.

Our First Peek of the Sun

It was an interesting drive – we saw lots of rock formations along I-70 and there were about 5 scenic lookouts with beautiful views. At one point we hit a high elevation and were enveloped in total cloud cover with limited visibility – thankfully that was short lived!! We also hit a couple of areas where there were all kinds of warning signs – Icy Roads, Watch for Fallen Rocks, and Deer and Elk Crossing – I didn’t like all these warnings!!! We then hit the flatlands with lots of cattle farms and crop farming. When we turned off I-70 to Panguitch we ran between some mountains then were into a valley with again lots of farmland, cattle and horses. All in all, it was a pretty drive.

Views Along the Way Today

We are now at the Hitch-N-Post Campground at Panguitch and from here will spend a couple of days exploring Bryce Canyon. This park certainly does not have an “it” factor, but, it is open for the winter and has full hook-ups as well as Wi-Fi so it will do and it’s not like we are planning on spending a lot of time in the park itself.

The weather forecast is for sunny days with highs in the low 50’s and lows of 22 – 24 at night – think we will be glad of the electric blanket for the next few nights.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we are looking forward to tomorrow and exploring Bryce Canyon. Do come back and see what our day was like.

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Colin, Margaret and Splash Werner said...

YOu guys have to go to the buffet restaurant in Bryce Canyon.....very! very! good! The one that is run by the family. The gift shop there deserves a look around too, lots of very neat things. Some beautiful art work. Check it out!