Tuesday - November 25, 2008

Today started out overcast but by noon the sun was starting to peek out so we had a nice afternoon, weather wise. The high I saw today was 54F (12C) so it is getting a bit cooler.

Yesterday I jinxed myself by telling John that I was sleeping so much better here and not even getting up during the night, then guess what, last night I woke up sometime during the night and was awake for quite a while (I didn’t look at the clock so don’t know what time it was but I was awake for at least an hour – bummer!).

This morning I wasn’t quite so eager to get up so slept until 9, then got up and was on the computer for a while checking e-mail, my daily newspapers, etc., a lazy morning.

When the sun came out around noon we headed out for a drive along the Colorado River on a scenic by-way with Fisher’s Towers the point where we would turn around. As usual the views were fabulous with lots of fascinating rock formations and the Colorado River is so pretty with some fairly peaceful looking spots and then spots with lots of little rapids, not a river for swimming in me thinks! The road to Fisher’s Towers, off the main road, was very rough but the view at the end was worth while. Again a very nice, scenic drive.

Nice Rock Formations Along the Highway

Fisher's Towers

The Colorado River

Animal Footprints Along the River Bank

When we got back John went to the Shell station across the road and filled the propane tank that went dry last night so we are now all set with two full tanks. This is the first empty tank since leaving Waterloo so that is pretty good, with the electric heater and the little Wave propane heater we don’t use the furnace a lot and the hot water has been on electric since leaving home so it all helps cut down the use of propane.

Tonight John is cooking Cajun Catfish for dinner then a quiet evening is planned.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we are looking forward to tomorrow, right now I know I tomorrow is laundry day, but what else we do remains to be seen.

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