Sunday - December 21, 2008

I sure am glad that the movie There Will Be Blood self destructs – it was the stupidest movie I have seen in many years, I didn’t watch it but couldn’t help hearing it on the TV. Apparently Daniel Day Lewis won an academy award for his part, sure must have been hard up for nominees that year!!!

Today was another nice sunny day. still a bit on the cool side but at least we don’t have snow! Our sympathy goes out to all those suffering in the snow and cold back home, we don’t envy you one bit, we just hope that the weather is good for traveling over the next week or so.

I went for my walk today and stopped and talked to a couple from London who had bought their trailer at Can-Am. Then I stopped and chatted with Birdie & Jean who were a couple of doors down from us last year, by the time I got back John said he was just thinking about going out looking for me to make sure I was okay!!

John bought me this pretty little cactus yesterday, adds a splash of colour in the trailer!

John downloaded the 2008 tax program yesterday so today did a fair bit on our tax returns and it looks like we will have to pay very little for this year – gotta like that!!

Tonight we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, we had a coupon for a free Cactus Blossom so with that we split an order of ribs and both had cesar salad, a very good dinner – we really like their ribs. Missed you Janet & Dave!

John is just making us a cuppa tea so we will probably just watch the boob tube for a bit before heading for bed. And so ends a great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow.

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