Saturday - December 20, 2008

Today was a nice sunny day but there was a cold wind all day so not a sitting out day, I actually wore a jacket when I went for my walk this morning.

This afternoon we decided to go back to Staples and get another table for the patio, they had nice ones on sale for $15 earlier in the week and we really like the one we bought so wanted to get another one, we lucked out and got the last one today. The nice thing about these is that they fold down flat for travel and are very sturdy – we notice a lot of people use them to sit their barbecues on. From there we went to the mall and John went to Best Buy and I went to Kohl’s looking for a Christmas present for him. I wanted to get him a new Henkel carving knife and we ended up going to Target to buy one and he picked it out so no big surprise there for him for Christmas, but, as he is the one that will use it I figure I’d best get one he liked! Actually it was a set so I get a nice paring knife out of the deal! I also bought a new set of steak knives but when we got home and I opened the package the handles were rubberized, not wood, and I don’t like them so will return them. We stopped at Fry’s for romaine and mushrooms for dinner - Kel & Tim please not that we did not go to Wal Mart today!

John bought the movie There Will Be Blood on a DVD for $2.50 and once you open the package it is good for two days then somehow self destructs so we will watch that tonight. And so ends a great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow.

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