Tuesday - December 2, 2008

It was much easier to get up this morning with a temperature of about 50F (10C), sure beats yesterday mornings temperature! It was about 10 a.m. when we got on the road and we had a good drive to Yuma with most of it being on secondary highways. There were a couple of rough spots but on the whole it wasn’t too bad. It was partly overcast most of the day but we don’t mind that on a driving day.

We opted to take Nevada/California Hwy. 95 down to Interstate 40 then go across to Arizona 95 through Lake Havasu, rather than having to cross the Hoover Dam. To go across the dam would probably be slow, plus they would go through the trailer etc. – who needs that hassle! Last year we let “Alice” (our GPS) guide us and she sent us down US 95 in California from I-40 to Parker – never again as it was the worst road we have ever been on. Today she tried to send us that way again but we opted to drive a bit further and go through Lake Havasu where we knew the road was pretty good.

Lake Havasu

Along The Colorado River Between Lake Havasu & Parker

And for Dave - Emerald Canyon Golf Course

Boondockers Outside of Quartzsite

I took a few pictures on the way but mostly it was pretty boring. The drive from Quartzsite to Yuma always seems so long and boring – not much for scenery today with it being overcast.

We arrived at Del Pueblo and will be here until late March – by then we will be ready to move on!! The trailer is filthy both inside and out and the larder and fridge are empty so the next couple of days will be spent rectifying those problems, as well as catching up on laundry. I did a real quick vacuum when we got here but the heavy duty cleaning starts tomorrow.

I just had an e-mail a while ago from my sister and she was discharged from hospital about 6:45 p.m. so that was good news.

And so ends another great gift of a day, please join us again to see what life in Yuma is like.

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