Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today was another beautiful day here in the sunny south with nice comfortable temperatures.

We went to the market to see if we could get a booster antenna for our phone, for the first time ever we are having problems with dropped calls and our neighbours said the booster cured that problem so we decided to try one. We got the antenna then on the way home we stopped and we both got our hair cut – I went back to Rosie who cut my hair last winter.

John checked things out when we got home then headed out to Lowe’s to try to find something to mount the antenna on, thankfully I passed on that trip as he spent at least 2 hours in Lowes – I probably would have killed him if I was there!!!!

While he was gone I went for a nice long walk then came back and tried to sit outside to read but it was too cool and I couldn’t get in the sun so I came in to read. By the time he got home and the antenna installed it was late so we had another late dinner, we have been trying to eat earlier and most night we are successful but then there is the odd night like tonight where we are eating late again!! And so ends another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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Ron and Dee Tousignant said...

Hi Carolyn and John.I thought i'd try going through your blog to say hi as were having trouble sending out e-mailbut are receiving it just fine. We are in Concan just west of San Antonio. It is beutiful here and was 80 degrees today and blue skies all around.It was a great trip here through La.and the Trace was so relaxing. We may do it on the way home too.We lookout our door to Big Baldy Mt.which was fogged in this morning.Having a great time,our blog is hope to hear from you Dee and Ron