Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today was another nice, sunny day but cool, the high only reached about 60F (15C), if you stayed in the sun and out of the wind it was very pleasant. This morning we again woke to the sound of the windmills going, (forgot to mention this yesterday); the park is surrounded by orchards and if it gets down to about freezing windmills come on to blow warmer air around to keep the fruit from freezing. The windmills are noisy enough that they don’t wake us but we do hear them when we wake up.

We didn’t go anywhere today but I went over this afternoon and washed the new sheets I bought on the weekend so they are ready to go on the bed. While they were washing I walked down to the office and paid the electric bill and bought a roll of quarters to feed the machines next time I do laundry, then went for a walk. When I came back from doing the laundry John was just going to finish his bike ride so I went for a bit more of a walk, after which we put the chairs in the sun behind the truck to have a drink and Garry & Leslie came over and joined us – great conversation and good company.

We have finished a yummy dinner of teriyaki marinated chicken breasts, salad and baked potato, the dishes are done and we are now just settling in for a quiet evening. John’s I- Pod seems to have given up the ghost, we were listening to tunes and it all of a sudden it decided to seize up, not good, he is not a real happy camper at this moment,.

And so ends another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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Bryan said...

In regard to the I-pod, probably just needs to be reset. It happened to Jeff's once. There are a couple of buttons you push and hold down for a few seconds and it resets it. Refer to the manual or go on-line to see what buttons to push.